What do you do with your eyes and hands when another person is talking?

In a conversation, I will try to look at the other person in their eyes.  If I need to think, I will generally look at the top left corner of the room (since it doesn’t move, it’s not distracting).  If you frequently look away, you’ll come across as lower status or nervous.  High status people (i.e. someone like Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth) generally do not break eye contact first.  I learned about the relationship between body language and status after I took an improvisation course.

If I want to appear more confident, I need to be aware of my body language.  Fidgeting comes across as nervous. 

At a party, if I get a drink, I’ll use one hand to hold the glass.  If I don’t have a drink, I’ll keep both arms slightly bent and hang my thumbs in my pockets. 

When people take photos, it looks unnatural to hold your arms perfectly straight at your sides.

When I cross my arms together – people may guess that I’m upset or cold.  I try to avoid crossing my arms together.


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