Whatís the craziest thing youíve done to impress a girl?

After I met one of my friends, she asked me to teach her how to play a piano song.  I had taken eight years of piano as a kid, but stopped playing for years.  After she asked me for help, I started practicing piano again three times a week. 

My friends also commented that I play the piano like a robot.  When I was trying to impress her, I analyzed her favorite song one bar at a time, and determined if each bar was piano (soft), mezzo piano (medium soft), mezzo forte (medium loud) or forte (loud).  After a lot of practice, my friends said that I no longer sounded like a robot.  My psychologist mentioned this was an example when I used a strength (logic) to overcome a weakness (playing piano like a robot).

At one point, she asked me to pick her up from the airport.  I gave away a pair of Flames tickets, because it was more important for me to be there for her (than it was for me to watch a hockey game).

At one point, she told me to “grow up, try new things and be more confident”.  I moved out and bought a condo.  I also tried a hip-hop class and an improvisation class.  An improvisation class was stressful because I had to give up control.  My instructor taught us the word “no” generally destroys a scene, so we were always taught to say “yes” to keep a scene going.  It was extremely difficult to tell a story one word at a time, because you have no control over what your partner is going to say.

I’ve made some of the biggest changes in my life when I tried to impress a girl.


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