Why does cooking take so long?

When my friends visited my condo, they would always be confused why my fridge was empty.  They’d open my fridge, see five sandwiches and three cartons of milk.  They’d ask me how I’m still alive.  I’d open the freezer to show them a week’s worth of pre-packaged food to answer the question.

For a few years, I used to make sandwiches for lunch at work.  My friends thought it was very strange to make the same turkey breast sandwich daily with tomato, lettuce, green pepper and cucumber. 

My friends constantly encourage me to buy a barbeque (instead of microwaving pre-packaged food).  I generally nod my head, agree, and hope they switch the topic to something else.

I would rather read a book or watch a television show instead of cook, because cooking is very time consuming.

I’ve had friends challenge me to cook for them.  I practiced the same recipe three times for myself to make sure it was safe to share with friends.  It took me 45 minutes to make a basic chicken stir fry.  Part of the reason it took that long is because I cut the red peppers, green peppers and the onion in very small squares. 

With respect to eating, my friends find it odd that I eat one type of food at a time.  Let’s say my dinner consisted of a steak, potatoes, and vegetables.  I would eat the steak first.  After the steak was complete, I’d eat the potatoes.  After the potatoes are complete, I’d eat the vegetables.  The steak is my favorite part of the meal, so I want to focus on the steak while it’s hot.  I enjoy potatoes more than vegetables, so I would focus on potatoes next.  I’d eat the vegetables last because it’s less important to eat vegetables when they’re hot.


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