The greatest puzzle in my life is how to understand women.  I’ll start by giving a couple of examples.

In junior high school, I asked Laurel what she wanted for her birthday.  Laurel joked that she wanted a bottle of Calvin Klein perfume.  For her birthday, I gave her a bottle of Calvin Klein perfume.  She said that she couldn’t accept it.  Now that I have the benefit of hindsight, in 1996, minimum wage was $4.50 per hour.  Therefore, a $50 bottle of perfume was an inappropriately expensive gift for a boy in grade nine to give to a girl in his class.

In University, I ran into a girl named Jennifer multiple times at the arcade.  We chatted a few times, and she seemed friendly.  I asked her if she wanted to have coffee, and she gave me her phone number.  I called Jennifer and asked her if she wanted to hang out.  She said “not really”.  I said, “OK, I’ll catch you later.”  I was incredibly confused.  If Jennifer didn’t want to hang out, why did she give me her phone number in the first place? In hindsight, some girls are too polite to say “no” when you ask them to go out, and they have to give you an answer in person. 

I have thirty different stories that are similar to the ones above.  I believe that I’m a smart, logical guy.  I’m a nice guy, and I have dozens of platonic friends.  I have a good career as an Information Technology Business Analyst.  I’m independent.  I own my own car and condo.  Dating shouldn’t be this complicated. 

When I look at my dating history over the past twenty years, I’m guessing the problem isn’t that all women are crazy.  Maybe the problem is me.  Maybe I have a syndrome that is causing me to unintentionally fail when I ask out different women. 

The purpose of this blog is to share a light hearted perspective on Aspergerís Syndrome. Iíd like to increase exposure about Aspergerís Syndrome for a wide range of people, by providing examples of how it affects my everyday life.


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