Who are my top 5 musicians?

1. Jim Brickman is an excellent pianist.  Some of my favorite songs include: Destiny, Your Love and Valentine.

2. Lindsey Stirling is an amazing violinist.  I was impressed that she dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen when she performed a cover of Game of Thrones.  She also dressed up as Princess Leia when she performed a cover of Star Wars.   The cinematography in her Lord of the Rings video was incredible as Lindsey was filmed playing the violin in New Zealand.  Lindsey was charming in her cover of Rihanna’s We Found Love, when she performed the violin for a group of students in Kenya.

3. Megan Nicole has a great voice.  In her cover of OMI’s Cheerleader, James Maslow has to choose between Megan Nicole and Tiffany Alvord in the music video.  I thought Maslow made the wrong decision in the end (as he chose a third girl over Megan and Tiffany).  In her video cover of One Direction’s Live While We’re Young, Megan skips work to hang out with a group of friends.  In her video cover of Nicki Minaj’s Starships, it was funny to see Lindsey Stirling and Megan visit a local mall together while they both wore futuristic costumes. 

4. In The Piano Guys, Jon Schmidt is an awesome piano player.  Steven Nelson is a tremendous cello player.  Their cover of Mission Impossible was entertaining, as they acted out various scenes in the movie with the help of Lindsey Stirling.  In their cover of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, the five members of the Piano Guys play the piano at the same time (as Jon plays the piano keys, while the other four members pull specific strings on top of the piano).  Their cover of Batman was impressive as they were able to perform a medley of Batman theme songs next to the Batmobile from three different eras (from the 1960s television series, from the 1989 movie, and from the 2005 movie). 

5. I enjoy many of Taylor Swift’s songs, including Begin Again, Love Story, and Our Song.  I thought one of her funniest music videos was Blank Space, when Taylor used a golf club to damage a vintage Shelby AC Cobra car to get revenge on her boyfriend.


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