Why is playing sports so difficult?

I took Kung-Fu for 10 years.  My instructor mentioned that my forms looked like a robot.  Kung-Fu is extremely difficult.  There are moments in a form that require you to be relaxed.  There are other moments that require you to be tense.  I have difficulty switching from one extreme to the other.  My instructor also mentioned that he had to break down movements in logical steps for me, as I struggled to understand concepts when he simply demonstrated a movement.

When I took hip-hop, one of my friends commented that some of my movements looked like they were from Kung-Fu.  When I didn’t understand a movement that my hip-hop instructor presented, I had to substitute a similar movement.  It was better for me to fake it and try the closest movement that I could think of (instead of standing still looking confused).

When I play hockey, I tend to panic with the puck.  I’m afraid of getting the puck stolen away from me.  I often release the puck too early instead of slowing down and taking an extra second to make a better decision.


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