What are my top 5 comic books?

1. The Dark Knight Returns.  The success of Frank Miller’s tremendous story in 1986 changed the identity of Batman.  Batman was a comedic character in the 1960s television series.  After The Dark Knight Returns, Batman was written as a darker and grittier character.

2. Batman: Year One.  Many of the events in the Batman Begins movie were inspired by Batman: Year One.  IGN comics rates Batman: Year One as the second best Batman graphic novel (behind The Dark Knight Returns).

3. Kingdom ComeKingdom Come is an excellent Elseworlds story set in the future, with terrific artwork by Alex Ross.

4. Justice League: Tower of Babel.  The premise for this story was fascinating.  Ra’s al Ghul steals Batman’s files, and uses them to take down each member of the Justice League.  

5. Justice League of America: The Nail.  This is another Elseworlds story with an interesting plot, as it describes a world with a Justice League without Superman.


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