Why is social media so difficult?

At one point, I went to the ballet with a girl from my hip-hop class.  After the ballet, she posted a photo of us together on Facebook.  I gave her a dozen roses for her birthday.  I also bought her some coins from London and Rome (because she collected coins).  The photo of us together was a collage, so she included a photo of the roses and coins as well.  For the next two weeks, a dozen friends asked me if I was dating the girl from my hip-hop class.  I was surprised that the girl from my hip-hop class became difficult to get a hold of after we went to the ballet.  I finally had to give up on chasing after her.  I shouldn’t have to ask a girl what her social media policy is before we go on a date.  I wouldn’t have minded if she posted the photo if she was actually interested in me.  I assume she was impressed that evening but she lost interest afterwards.

My friend Ryan complains that I don’t click “like” when he makes a funny comment on Facebook.  I don’t think it’s important for me to click “like”.  I only comment on something Ryan says on Facebook when I disagree with him.

My friends have also complained that I write boring status messages, such as “I’m happy the Flames beat the Oilers by a score of 3-2.”  The problem with Facebook and Twitter is that they’re obviously public.  If you say anything negative about work, you put your job at risk.  If you say anything negative about a person on your Facebook list, there will be consequences.  I post messages about sports because people rarely get upset by anything I post about the Flames, Stampeders, or Blue Jays.


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