How do you find a job?

After I graduated, it was challenging to prepare for interviews.  Yeatland wrote a set of practice interview questions to help me practice for interviews.  I asked Ryan to interview me, and we videotaped the questions with my answers.  The most difficult question I had was when Ryan asked to list five of my worst weaknesses.  With practice, I eventually realized the most important thing was to list how you resolved a given weakness.  For example, I could say that “public speaking was a weakness for me at one point.  To address this weakness, I took communication courses in University, as well as improvisation courses outside of school.”

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.  My first job was as a programmer.  My second job was in a Help Desk.  After a few years, I realized that programming wasn’t a good fit for me.   It was stressful to work for a Help Desk that required me to work night shifts and weekends.

For me, my biggest strength is documentation.  I finally figured out the best fit for my skill sets was to work as an Information Technology Business Analyst.

John Elder Robison’s interest in electronics helped him design equipment for Pink Floyd’s sound company.  Temple Grandin’s interest in animals helped her design humane animal handling equipment.  People with Asperger’s Syndrome will often have greater challenges with respect to social interaction.  However, people with Asperger’s Syndrome will succeed when they can find the right job that makes the best use of their strengths.


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