Why is Clash of Clans a stressful video game?

A dozen of my friends play a video game called Clash of Clans.  The problem is every single attack is recorded on video replay.  In a war, the goal is to destroy a village 100% to earn three stars.  If I earn less than three stars, after an attack, within 2 minutes – there is the potential for one of my friends to trash talk me in a WhatsApp chat group. 

Every friend in my clan mentioned that their wives and girlfriends all complained that they play Clash of Clans too often.

My friends are competitive, so they’ve kicked 10 year old kids out of our clan (because they didn’t know how to use their troops properly to attack).  At one point, we wrote a charter defining the rules that must be followed in order for someone to join the clan.  My friends have complained they don’t want to receive a text message during work hours reminding them to attack during a war.  My friends have also complained when you start a war too early in the day, or too late in the day.  It’s painful to try to keep friends happy when they complain about everything.

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Bolton (England), video game addicts show the same personality traits as people who are suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome.  There’s an interesting article in the Business Insider about a player whose addiction caused him to play 16 hours online per day.  


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