Why do people like the outdoors?

The perfect temperature is 22 degrees Celsius (which is generally the temperature indoors).  When you go outside, you always have to worry about the weather.  If it’s too hot, you need to bring sun screen and a bottle of water.  If it’s too cold, you need to bring a jacket.  The weather in Calgary is unpredictable, so I always carry a jacket with me.  I’ve seen extreme weather changes occur in July.  For example, it was sunny in the morning, and then the snow started to hail in the afternoon.  I was surprised when I met a group of Australians that mentioned they had never seen snow in their entire life.

I’ve had friends invite me to go camping, and the experience was awful.  It’s uncomfortable to sleep in a cold tent.  Why would you choose to sleep in a tent when you can sleep in a hotel instead?

The only time that I go outside is when I’m traveling, and my tour guide book recommends a tourist trap that’s outdoors.  Tour guide books are reliable, so they always suggest locations that you can take excellent photos.

When I went on a Contiki tour in Europe, the scariest thing that I tried was a bike tour in Paris.  It was extremely stressful to navigate around pedestrians and cars.  The bike tour leader switched to an easier bike path because I was slowing the group down.  That was the first time I rode a bike in 20 years.

I found some of the people on my Contiki tour to be frustrating.  There was a group of people that walked too slow and ate too slow.  We had to split up in different groups based on what people wanted to see.  I was surprised a group of American girls quickly became bored of the Roman Forum, when the Palatino and Colosseum were located nearby.  They wanted to go shopping after an hour of visiting the Roman Forum.  I didn’t understand why the American girls were using an application called SnapChat.  Why would you want to send a message that self destructs?  I was also surprised the American girls didn’t know how to read a map. 


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